How to apply an Encausto Effect

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How to apply an Encausto Effect

How to apply an Encausto Effect

How to Create an "Encausto Effect"
Using Cebo Products

The Encausto Effect surface is smooth and glossy with specks of a coarse base coat peppering through the surface.

1. Substrate Preparation:

  • Ensure your substrate is smooth, flat and level. This step is one of the most important and often overlooked. Any voids or high areas will cause those blemishes to polish more than the surrounding area.
  • Tape off any trim or adjoining walls not receiving plaster.
  • Prime the wall with preferably an oil based (low odor, quick dry) primer or other approved primer. This step isolates the substrate from the Venetian finish which will ensure even suction of the finish material across the surface.

2. Base Coat:

  • Apply a base coat of Cebo Fondo with a stainless steel trowel.
  • Let dry and sand with 100 grit paper and block to smooth surface.

3. First Coat:

  • Apply first coat of CEBOART Ceboint E with a stainless steel trowel using short random strokes. Do not let your edges dry; apply wet material to wet material.
  • Apply second coat of CEBOART Ceboint E with short random strokes keeping a wet edge.
  • While the second coat is still damp Sponge Float the surface to flatten the surface and raise the grain.
  • Let the surface dry thoroughly.

4. Finish Coat:

  • Apply one two or three coats of Cebo Stucco with a stainless steel trowel. The number of coats will determine the amount of CEBOART Ceboint E grain showing through to the surface.
  • Allow each coat to dry partially before the next coat is applied.

5. Polishing:

  • Let the surface dry 90% then polish the Cebo Stucco finish with the same Trapezoid Finsh Trowel stainless steel trowel used during application. A smaller trowel will provide more pressure for polishing.

6. Wax and Sealing:

  • If increased gloss or water protection is desired apply a ecoCera liquid wax.
  • Apply with a clean rag
  • Buff with a rag or buffing wheel.

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